Verge completed the Crowdfunding.

XVG Crowdfunding

Verge Completed the Crowdfunding

XVG Crowdfunding

Verge just completed the Crowdfunding they had setup. They raised a total of 75 Million XVG, and will come up with a big announcement soon.



TokenPay and Verge

TokenPay is the partner of Verge and they sponsored about 50% of the whole Fundraising. The Verge and TokenPay family seems to be a very strong and active community.

Right now, I will be buying Verge like there is no tomorrow, since I believe the price will skyrocket.

Always do your own research, since we are not financial advisors, and only invest what you can afford to lose.


TokenPay is getting listed on an exchange in a FEW hours.

Click here to sign up and buy your TokenPay today!

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