This country also shows interest in a national crypto coin

Experts and analysts felt it coming now that Venezuela has its own crypto coin. The trend of the national virtual coins seems to have started. Turkey also have the idea of bringing its own national crypto coin on the market. All that given the rise of digital money . Brace yourself for the possible arrival of the Turkish national crypto coin ‘Turkcoin’.

Venezuela, already has its own currency, and Iran, previously also indicated it wants its own crypto currency. After them Turkey also shows interest in its own national crypto coin now. According to some sources, the current ruling party (AKP) and the nationalist party (MHP) are big advocates to give Turkey its own digital currency. A new trend seems to have been born.


It is a surprising message, as the Turkish religious authorities said earlier that crypto coins go against the principles of their faith. Former Minister of Industry, Ahmet Kenan, wrote an extensive report in which he proposes to launch the ‘Turkcoin’ anyway.

Kenan is convinced that there is no point in fighting this new digital financial revolution. Crypto coins can no longer be ignored. The necessary rules for combating illegal practices must be applied, according to Kenan.

In his report he emphasizes that the current demand for crypto coins is huge and that there are now many countries that allow them. He is also in favor of setting up a state-controlled ‘Bitcoin exchange’ to allow legal action in Turkey.

Despite this being only a proposal from kenan, it seems likely that it will actually be implemented. The TDP Minister, Mehmet Simsek, has announced that the government is preparing to develop the national crypto coin ‘Turkcoin’.

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