Secure your crypto assets

Secure your crypto assets

In this article of our step-by-step guide we will teach you how to secure your crypto assets. Also we will hand you some tools to store your passwords on different devices, which is very easy on the go.


Always write down your Private Key.

When you create a Bitcoin wallet or any other crypto wallet you will get a 12 or 24 word passphrase which represents your Private Key. This Pass Phrase is used to recover your password if you forgot your password of your wallet. Without this Pass Phrase you won’t be able to acces your funds ever again.


How Can I Maximize My Security?

Always check if your e-mail address have been compromised in a data breach. You can check this out for free right here. On top of that NEVER use the same password twice, if your password is breached then your money is as good as gone.

You should create strong password using multiple character(30+) with combinations of numbers, symbols, upper and lower case letters.

A good example of a strong password is: 2H*amp!Cp384nFG1$xr?91Vvh72hreXrdW290*2Hghq2824$?DfGI74


2FA or 2 Factor Authentication.

Always implement 2FA or 2 Factor Authentication where it is possible. This is an extra added layer of security preventing anyone that got a hold of your passwords to login to your account.

Anyone who logs in to your account will be prompted to enter a 6-digit passcode that changes every 30 seconds. Only once this code has been entered you will be granted acces to the funds inside the Wallet/Account. 

Also I would advice you to always Enable E-mail notifications for All accounts. Just in case someone does manage to login your Wallet/Account you will be notified on time by E-mail and can abort the session. This option can be selected on many wallets and accounts, so utilize it and stay secure.

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