Create a Bitcoin Wallet

Lets create a Bitcoin wallet.

Now you have familiarised yourself with certain protocols of the Bitcoin Network it is time to buy some Bitcoins and other cryptocurrencies. There are several options and possibilities to buy cryptocurrencies and Bitcoins. Down below you can find a list of Avenues I have used before to buy cryptocurrencies and I nor any other member of Team Crypto never had any problems with receiving my Bitcoins or crypto assets from these trusted websites. We will create a Bitcoin wallet in the next step.


Buy Bitcoins With Credit/Debit Bank Transfer

Cex: Create your free Wallet.
Coinbase: Create your free Wallet.  (Receive $10 Free On All Purchases Over $100)

Or go to the list of available exchanges immidiatly.


Bitcoin ATM’s

Bitcoin ATM’s can now be found all around the world and the total amount of Bitcoin ATM’s is growing daily. There is a list of over a thousand locations for you available online, which you can find here.


Storing Your Bitcoin

To store your Bitcoins there are several option available so you have to work out which option works the best for you. Remember that if you do not own your private keys you do not control the Bitcoins or other cryptocurrencies inside the wallet. This also includes exchanges, simply this means if you do not control the private keys your coins stored inside a platform are vulnerable to third party theft and manipulation

Secure Bitcoin Online & Desktop Wallets :
Blockchain.Info: (Now Supporting Ethereum)
Amoury Wallet:
Electrum Wallet:
Exodus Wallet: (Also Supports Ethereum,Aragon,Litecoin,Dash,Decred,Augur,Eos,Gnosis & Golem)

Bitcoin Mobile Wallets:

Samourai Mobile Wallet:
Mycelium Mobile Wallet:
Bread Mobile Wallet: Mobile Wallet: Downloadable From The App Stores
Coinomi Mobile Wallet:  (Multicoin Storage Availiable)

Cold Storage/Hardware Wallets :

Ledger Nano S, which is the favorite amonst the Bitcoin Community. This is a hardware Wallet where you can store multiple cryptocurrencies. For the bigger and long term security investors.

I would recommend to search for a Paper wallet and transfer the coins to that. Since its an Air Gapped System that never touches the internet, which means your coins will be safe.


Where Can I Spend My Bitcoins?

More and more Merchants World Wide are starting to Accept Bitcoin as a payment method. This is happening in the online and the offline world. In total over 100,000 retailers, small and large businesses are now embracing the Bitcoin community.

  1. Spend Bitcoins
  2. Purse

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