Putin: ‘Blockchain will dominate the global economy’

Russia goes all-in on blockchain technology. According to Russian President Putin, this is the moment. Whoever comes too late will stay behind. Those who have the power around blockchain will rule the world. He instructs his ministers to go all-in.

The Stone Age did not end because of a lack of stones, but through the emergence of new technology, Putin quoted. He indicates that first-movers in blockchain technology will dominate the global economy.

Those who lose the race will be dependent on the leaders in blockchain. And this can be VERY FAST, says Putin.

There is regulation necessary to manage everything in the right direction, but blockchain is the future, according to Putin. “Russia has everything: oil, gas, metals, gold, diamonds, … and we have a good intellectual base for a fast-growing information technology industry,” says the Russian president, “we need to be more advanced. We need this (blockchain technology)! “.


Putin fully endorses Blockchain Technology!

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