Five reasons why 2018 can be the best year ever for crypto coins!

2018 is already over 16% over and the crypto market has not broken pots yet. Even more, since the beginning of this year, the entire crypto market has been down by more than 150 billion dollars. Since the summit of Sunday 7 January, the sector has halved. And yet there are 5 reasons that make 2018 the best year ever.

From the graph below, many investors in crypto coins will not be happy. At the end of last year Lamborghini’s were promised, now there are many investors with a hangover. But it is not because the prices drop (temporarily?), That evolution is standing still. On the contrary!

-1. Scale size

The biggest problem with crypto coins is scale. For example, many investors do not want to cross the bridge until there is sufficient scale, but the technology needs money to develop the necessary scale. This will at some point get a ‘tipping point’ somewhere where everything is accelerating.

Bitcoin is the largest and most important crypto currency and can currently process only 6 to 7 transactions per second. This can increase to 12 to 14 transactions via the SegWit. However, this is still much less than the thousands of transactions that credit cards such as Visa or MasterCard process.

The solution lies in the Lightning Network, which can carry out second-layer peer-to-peer off-chain transactions. This new technology is, as you can see on this map, in full development.

-2. Larger and better ICOs

2017 was the year of the breakthrough for ICOs, mainly on the Ethereum platform. In many cases it concerned smaller ICOs with little to no economically valuable applications. This can also change in 2018.

One expects an ICO from Telegram and Kodak. This allows the platform to gain more credibility and the demand for Ether for these ICOs increases.

-3. Regulation

Rules are a bad thing for many. But rules are simply needed for stability and security. If there are sufficient and adequate rules, there will also be more investors. Regulation of Bitcoin in Japan and Australia first caused a startle reaction, but ultimately a much better environment for Bitcoin and other crypto coins.

-4. More use

More and more applications are being developed where crypto coins can be used in everyday life. Litecoin recently announced Litepay, the Dallas Mavericks are going to accept Bitcoin and Ethereum as payment coins, Ripple is increasingly integrating itself into the modern payment system, and so there are many more examples to be found.

-5. Institutional investors

Up to now, the major investors have mainly remained on the sidelines. But big money comes, where money can be made. It is becoming increasingly clear that crypto coins will not disappear soon. The big money still has to come to the crypto market and that can drive the prices much higher.

Source: CNBC




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